A look at our own Story

A family of adventurers

Hello! We are Monika and Tomas, a couple in life and work. Thank you for visiting this page and wanting to get to know us better.

Our love story is unique to us. Monika is from Poland, Tomás from Chile, but we met in Spain in Malaga University. We got engaged in Venice after 5 months of knowing each other, and a year later we said YES & VAMOS and we had a traditional wedding in Poland, which we organized in less than 3 months. We know firsthand the stress and craziness that comes with that big day.

Since we had our wedding photos and video in our hands, we knew that one day in the future we could create something similar. Is there anything more beautiful than capturing moments, emotions and the love between the people?

Why Vamos Honey?

When we invited each other to visit a new destination, Monika, even though she didn’t speak Spanish yet, used to say: “Vamos Honey!” (In spanish Vamos means let´s go). English was our common language in the beginning, and traveling is our great passion. Together we have visited several countries in Europe and we have made a long trip through South America. From this passion for traveling our travel blog Vamoshoney.com was born.

For us, Vamos Honey is a call to a new adventure, a new journey, a new story together. A little adventurer recently joined us, our son Ignacio, and that is how the new adventure of being parents has started.

At Vamos Honey Wedding Stories, we want to capture the beginning of the biggest and most exciting adventure of your lives: your wedding and the full range of feelings you will experience that day. Are you ready? Do you dare to share your story with us?