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Every story is unique and the most beautiful, simply because it’s your story. You are the authors and protagonists. The story is created by you.

We would love to get to know it, narrate it through our lenses and reflect your story in wedding photography or wedding film.

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¡Hello! We are Monika and Tomás, wedding photographers and videographers in Malaga, Marbella, and other destinations. We are a couple in life and a team at work. Lovers of travel, adventure seekers, and nomadic souls. Together, we are VamosHoney Wedding Stories. Vamos Honey means a YES to adventure.

Shall we start yours?


Wedding Films

We evoke emotions

On your wedding day, you are the stars, and you are the ones creating the script. We capture the most significant moments of your special day. No stress, no forced poses, no pressure—just as you experience it on that momentous day.

We meticulously observe the details, meaningful words, and narrate the adventure of your day in a cinematic, elegant, emotional, dynamic, and non-traditional manner. Your story deserves to be uniquely told, and we are here to authentically capture it.

Prepare to reach for your tissues; you might shed a few tears of emotions!

We capture the fleeting moments

We are passionate about creating cherished memories through our cameras, inspired by those moments captured in an instant—naturally and spontaneously. The details to which you dedicated so much time, the places, genuine and true emotions, spontaneous kisses, feelings, gestures, tears of happiness, smiles, and moments of madness.

All these moments are forever captured in a unique photographic wedding reportage, a pure reflection of your love

Wedding Photography

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Photo & Video session

We create memories

What is the most cherished memory from a vacation, wedding, pregnancy, birthday, or any other family celebration? For us, those are the moments encapsulated in a fraction of a second. Moments preserved in photos 📷 and videos 🎥 that we can revisit whenever we desire. There are countless opportunities to capture the ephemeral. Share with us the moments you wish to eternally hold in your memory, and we’ll ensure they remain with you forever.


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Family & couples




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